by James Walker

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Weathered is the second single from my upcoming record, 'English Bones'.

It's a song that comes from a wholly personal place, and I feel as though I would be disingenuous in not divulging the meaning behind the track. I was in a relationship with someone, and just as every good sad song goes, we fell apart. It was a toxic, mean, and truly horrible breakup, with a lot of name-calling, one-upping, and generally feeling like awful people. The dust settled, and about six months later, I (stupidly) decided to meet up with him again. We wanted to reconnect. We'd be chatting again via text, and to me it just felt right.

When we met back up, it was like our souls had shifted. I couldn't see in him what I felt attracted to in the first place. His laugh sounded different, the colour of his hair seemed off. Was that tattoo there before? It just didn't feel right; he seemed older, more tired, more weathered. But he swore that everything was good, that everything was going well. I couldn't, and still can't, pinpoint what was different, but there was something that made me realise I'd fallen out of love.

It's been eighteen months since then, but there are occasions where I still think about some of the times we shared. It was nice. Was it worth the fallout, the self-loathing & the soul-searching? Definitely not. But hey, at least I got this song out of it.


Produced by Sam Winfield at Studio 91 (Amber Run, Dry the River).


released July 27, 2017



all rights reserved


James Walker Reading, UK

James Walker is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter from Brighton, England. His influences include songwriters such as Noah Gundersen and Kevin Devine, whist utilising production techniques akin to Múm, Kyte and Freelance Whales.


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